We have been distributing pondliners since 1996 and from 2002 we have been the importers and representatives of Firestone Pondliners in Australia.

The proven performance of Firestone EPDM Geomembranes in thousands of exposed applications has made Firestone the liner of choice worldwide.

For our distributors we offer a half day technical information seminar on installation and joining of the liners. If you would like to attend, please call Jeff or Carmelo on 02 9690-2600.

For any advice you may require, please ask Nick, our engineer who has extensive experience in membrane liners.

Firestone Geomembrane

Always A Perfect Fit

Firestone Specialty Products’ geomembranes are the durable, dependable solution for nearly any application. Whether for decorative commercial water features or critical containment applications such as agriculture, aquaculture, mining and other water containment, Firestone’s geomembrane systems are easy to install and built to last.

Firestone understands the intricacies of each project and provides the experience to manage the challenges you face. With critical concerns ranging from the logistical and legislative to the technical and environmental, Firestone associates provide comprehensive support to ensure your project complies with all regulations and remains within scope.

This commitment to proven products backed by superior service is why so many professionals, in both the public and private sectors, have turned to Firestone Specialty Products for their geomembrane.

Image Available in standard or reinforced with a scrim, Firestone EPDM Geomembrane systems offer the strength and resilience to perform in many of the most demanding environments. This makes Firestone EPDM Geomembrane ideal for:

* Agricultural Pits and Ponds
* Aquaculture Applications
* Canals
* Constructed Wetlands
* Decorative Water Features
* Evaporation Ponds
* Exposed Covers and Caps
* Landscaping Features
* Mining Applications
* Retention Ponds
* Water Reservoirs


Features & Benefits

Easy to Install

Firestone EPDM Geomembrane is available in a variety of membrane panel sizes to reduce the amount of field seaming needed. Additionally, Firestone’s QuickSeam™ Tape provides an easy and dependable seam solution without requiring special tools or utilities for installation.
Extremely Flexible

Firestone EPDM Geomembrane can elongate over 300 percent, offering exceptional conformance and lay flat characteristics that are ideal for irregular shapes and contours.
Excellent Weathering Resistance

Even when exposed to UV, ozone, extreme temperatures and other harmful environmental conditions, Firestone EPDM Geomembrane’s specially compounded material prevents cracking. The result is outstanding age stability with little or no maintenance.
Fish And Plant Friendly

Firestone EPDM Geomembrane is specifically formulated to be safe for fish and plant life.


Designed with exceptional tensile strength and excellent chemical and environmental stress-cracking resistance, Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane protects against punctures and remains unaffected by UV, ozone and soil bacteria. In addition, heat-welded seams means Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane can be installed in relatively low ambient temperatures and ensures long lasting seams.

Field Installation

Firestone approved applicators can have pre-fabricated, large, custom sized panels delivered to your project location, reducing installation cost.

Potable And Environmentally Friendly

Firestone fPP-R is plasticizer and chlorine free. A certificate of NSF water purity is available if requested with placement of material order.

Our fPP-R Geomembrane system is complimented by a full line of accessories including Firestone fPP-R Flashing and Firestone fPP-R Welding Rod, making Firestone Specialty Products a convenient, one–stop source of materials for any commercial water feature or critical containment application.

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